Monday, 17 January 2011


This is my media blog and i will tell you what i have done so far in media. For the task i am currently doing i worked in a group of four, went around the school and took various amount of pictures for the school magazine that i will produce later on. The magazine will have to be aimed towards 11 - 18 year olds so i'll have to be careful what i put in the magazine.

We couldn't use the full shared learning area because of lessons and exams which were taking place. This resulted in a problem because we wanted to take photos of the new facalities which had been added to the school. There was also a time limit which meant we had to be quick when taken the photos. The other pupils in the class were taken their photos so we would run into them and they would walk into our shots.

The second lesson i studied what the main conventions of a magazine were, l iooked at colours, picture format, font size and text and what goes into a music magazine. I also had to analyse a piece of work and had to go to the clc and make a word document on what are the conventions of NME and KERRANG! I had then anaylse another magazine made by someone in the previous year.

Third lesson we practiced writing articles and how they would be formatted, we had to chose our favourite band and do research on them.

The next week we then spent the whole lesson taken photographs for our music magazine. We went outside the school to take photos and also took some inside.

I spent the next two weeks over at the clc where I typed up my article, for the music magazine. this wil be the main story of the person i put on my front cover.

For the lesson that followed i got on with magazine, improving the front cover and beginning to start my contents.

The following week i done some more improvements with my work (front cover and contents). Then i edited my blog to update my progress.

7/4/11 - in that lesson I had to get on with my Music Magazine improve it and also made a questionnaire.

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