Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Monday, 21 November 2011

Fonts Ancillary Tasks

We made a few fonts and then decided to choose which we thought fitted best with a horror theme so we chose the top one.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Production and Distribution Company!

For our production and distribution company we have choosen Dimension Films and New Line Cinema. Dimension Films is not the biggest film company in the world but it is well known. It has also distributed my favourite horror film; 'Halloween' 2007 remake. New Line Cinema which produced one of the other big horror franchises Friday the 13TH.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Location! Location! Location! - Planning

On October 17th 2011 I decided that me and the group I am in would go and visit some of the locations we would be using, to see if they looked like horror themed.

 Hills where there will be a chase scene.
An old church and graveyard.
An old creepy staircase.
Old abandoned railway lines.
An old bridge that will be good for a long shot.
Long Shot of the River Tyne where the body will be dumped.
A forest which will be good for chase scenes.

 An outside view of the abandoned warehouse.

 Location Where Body Is Dumped.

The house at which Shaun Lives.
Location where Jamie is killed.

Production and Distribution Companies Research!

Every film that is made has a production and distribution company some might hae two. I decided that we should have a one so I did some research on the different companies to see what kind of movies they have produced and released. When we decide on what company to use I don't want it two be one of the biggest studios in HollyWood however I don't want a one that it is low in the market.

What makes a good photo? - Research

 I decided that I would analyse different movie posters to see what makes them good and eye-catching for the audience.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Survey Results


View more documents from teri_adele.

Film Magazine Analysis

Part of the ancillary tasks involve making film posters and making a cover for the film on a magazine.
I have analysed a horror magazine called Fangoria and Empire magazine to give me help on my magazine. 

This magazine is an american product, its first issue was 1979. 
Empire magazine is a British product. Its first magazine issue was published in July 1989 its publisher is Emap Bauer.

Monday, 10 October 2011


I also decided to analyse some movie posters that have been released within the past five years. This is to help with part of my ancillary task. Halloween (2007) Friday the 13th (2009) A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) and Final Destination (2011)

Thursday, 6 October 2011


To help with certain techniques for my horror trailer i had to look at some actual horror trailers and a one that i chose to do was Halloween 2007 remake and Friday the 13th.

Halloween Trailer

Friday the 13th Trailer

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


For my A2 project i have to work in a group and create a Horror Trailer.

This project will further my skills at camera movement and how to get the best out of a shot by using certain camera angles. 

I have had a practice go at making a moving image project by doing a chase scene which is available on youtube:

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Final Product!

This is the final design of my music magazine it contains a front cover, contents and feature article. I took the pictures myself and selected the ones i thought was best and edited them on photoshop. The front cover has a dominant picture on it with text surronding it, the contents i decided to include two colours that contrasted with each other, added pictures and included a website which is a conventional feature of a magazine and the article is a double page spread, it has a large image on one page and the interview on the other.  

Monday, 9 May 2011


Conventions My media product uses the forms of a real magazine because the front cover contains a large picture on which the main story is about; there are headings on what the main story is about, side stories for what is also featured in the magazine, a large heading to catch the reader’s eye, a barcode, price and date. The contents has pictures of stories that will be featured inside as well as other stories that are included in the magazine which have been page numbered and I have included a website for the magazine which will tell the audience more about my magazine. The main article is a double page spread that includes a large image on the other side there is an interview with who the story is about. There are contrasting colours; yellow and white writing onto a dark green background. 

Social Groups
 My media product represents particular social groups because it is a rock/hip-hop magazine, which contains artists such as; Muse and Eminem. The majority of people will like these bands as there music has been in films so the bands would have got a lot of attention and promotion. These two genres are separate as in hip-hop males are seen powerful whereas females are seen as sexual objects, which is what Naomi Wolf (1990) found out. Rock is seen as a more male dominated genre however I have used a female rock star as my main image, to go against the stereotypical view. I will be aiming towards lower middle class and upper working class as they are the types of groups that gain a disposal income which will allow them to spend.

 A media institution that could distribute my magazine would be local shops because the magazine could be placed next to rival magazines such as NME and Kerrang! Music stores because it is a music magazine and gives information on artists and it also could be advertised on the internet. These are places where the majority of people would be. The audience for my media product is 14-24 this is the age group that will listen to music the most e.g. through the phones, so if they have a favourite rock artist it is probable that they will be in the music magazine, this is in the age range of people that would buy a rock magazine and also who listen to modern day rock music and it is a broad enough group to sell my magazine to. 

Attracting the Audience
 I attracted my audience by making the heading of my magazine stand out, I included a dark blue background which had black writing on top of that I then used blending options on photoshop to add a glow also I used white writing and added a shadow effect around the text, to make it appear more dominant. There was also a large picture to catch the readers’ attention. The headings for the side stories were done in caps lock, the majority of the colouring contrasted with the dark blue background. I incorporated a black banner on top of the music magazine and then wrote in white writing the date and the price for the magazine; which would have been eye-catching for the consumer. The front cover design is vitally important for sales which is why i have kept colours to a small pallet of colours and have used glows and shadows to catch the attention of the readers.  

 What I learnt from technologies in the process of making this magazine is I learnt to understand adobe photoshop better, how the majority of the tools work and I learned how to make my front cover, article and contents page look professional, by using tools that will make colours stand out; glows, shadows and inserting rectangles and putting text on top to make them stand out. Looking back at the preliminary task the progression I have made is how to make my magazine look more realistic and how to use photoshop to my advantage. I also looked at good and bad previous magazines to see that I should keep a range on colours, not to go over the top with photoshop options (blending options) and how to take better photos e.g. medium shot, long shot, close up and making eye contact with the camera to connect with the audience. 

 I decided to conduct a questionnaire with 15 people whether or not they liked the magazine. The results were:-

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Audience Research!

I had to design a questionnaire, for audience research which then i will later use to survey people about their thoughts on my music magazine!
The feedback i received from my audience research was mainly positive, the people who answered the questionnaire, mainly liked the layouts that were used for the front cover, contents and article. They also gave me ideas on how to improve each of them, They said my magazine would sell because it gives an insight to the music world!


Monday, 28 March 2011

Which Title?

When chosing which design for the title of the music magazine i asked the members of  my family and my friends which one they preffered and the majority chose the first one, they said the glow makes it stand out to readers. Second was the fourth one.

"I like the first one because the glow makes the black writing stand out on the blue background"

"The shadow on the third one make the title standout"

The School Magazine!

To help get me started on Photoshop I designed a school magazine.
What i done was a front cover and a contents page, which is the same as my music magazine!

This is my contents and front cover, which was help for the music magazine. The majority of the work was done on photoshop however the photos were taken before hand and then edited with photoshop features.

Monday, 21 February 2011


For my music magazine i will be doing a rock music magazine. The music magazine will be for readers between the age range of 14-34.

My biggest magazine rivals will be Kerrang! and NME however i will also look at their conventions to get help on my magazine. These magazines list festivals and have stories on the biggest artists and bands.

Front Cover
The front cover Should contain an image that the main story is based around; this image should dominate the whole of the magazine. The title should be able to stand out from other wording. There should be other writing circulating around the whole of the magazine which wil be of other stories that are in the magazine. To make the magazine more realistic i wil include a barcode, price and website.

For my contents i will look at the two magazines for help with mine to see how it is laid out. The contents of these both have images on. they contain stories with their page numbers, at the top of Kerrang! it has a bit about the magazine.


Monday, 14 February 2011


This is the picture that i am using for the front cover of the  school magazine,
This is what it looked like before i started editing it in photoshop. It is a good picture because the person is in a good pose and is looking towards the camera facing the audience.  I had taken the photos in my group.

For my music magazine i worked in a group again and took at least 100 photos that had a model in certain poses.

I then done this again working in a two however this time it was me in certain poses.

An example of a good photo,
it is a medium shot. 

Again there is no pose in this photo either, just like the one above.

Monday, 17 January 2011


This is my media blog and i will tell you what i have done so far in media. For the task i am currently doing i worked in a group of four, went around the school and took various amount of pictures for the school magazine that i will produce later on. The magazine will have to be aimed towards 11 - 18 year olds so i'll have to be careful what i put in the magazine.

We couldn't use the full shared learning area because of lessons and exams which were taking place. This resulted in a problem because we wanted to take photos of the new facalities which had been added to the school. There was also a time limit which meant we had to be quick when taken the photos. The other pupils in the class were taken their photos so we would run into them and they would walk into our shots.

The second lesson i studied what the main conventions of a magazine were, l iooked at colours, picture format, font size and text and what goes into a music magazine. I also had to analyse a piece of work and had to go to the clc and make a word document on what are the conventions of NME and KERRANG! I had then anaylse another magazine made by someone in the previous year.

Third lesson we practiced writing articles and how they would be formatted, we had to chose our favourite band and do research on them.

The next week we then spent the whole lesson taken photographs for our music magazine. We went outside the school to take photos and also took some inside.

I spent the next two weeks over at the clc where I typed up my article, for the music magazine. this wil be the main story of the person i put on my front cover.

For the lesson that followed i got on with magazine, improving the front cover and beginning to start my contents.

The following week i done some more improvements with my work (front cover and contents). Then i edited my blog to update my progress.

7/4/11 - in that lesson I had to get on with my Music Magazine improve it and also made a questionnaire.