Monday, 21 February 2011


For my music magazine i will be doing a rock music magazine. The music magazine will be for readers between the age range of 14-34.

My biggest magazine rivals will be Kerrang! and NME however i will also look at their conventions to get help on my magazine. These magazines list festivals and have stories on the biggest artists and bands.

Front Cover
The front cover Should contain an image that the main story is based around; this image should dominate the whole of the magazine. The title should be able to stand out from other wording. There should be other writing circulating around the whole of the magazine which wil be of other stories that are in the magazine. To make the magazine more realistic i wil include a barcode, price and website.

For my contents i will look at the two magazines for help with mine to see how it is laid out. The contents of these both have images on. they contain stories with their page numbers, at the top of Kerrang! it has a bit about the magazine.


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